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Our Charities 

We aim to give back to the local community

Axminster Care Service

Our Ongoing Beneficiary 

Axminster Care Service, formed in 1986, was set up to give help to local organisations and those in need.

Axminster Care Service is a local charity, with an enthusiastic team of around 60 members, helping people in the EX13 area to receive the care they need.Via their framework, as set up in accordance with the Charity Commission, to fill the holes left by the Health and Social Services provision. 

ACS local volunteers provide those in need with a vast range of services, hoping to make life just that little bit easier when things get tough, whether that’s from age, disability, housing, or education difficulties.

ACS is always there unlike some government initiatives that can sometimes be dropped. Funding everything from school shoes to meals and hospital transport. Providing a consistent service for the community as a whole.Support is extended to schools through the Hardship Fund and providing funding for a youth counsellor.

Sponsoring a range of programmes at Axe Valley Community College, supporting the area’s youngsters in becoming the great achievers they aspire to be. Should their parents not be able to afford it, preventing schoolchildren missing out and providing special grants to enable them to take part in educational trips.

ACS directly funds or has funded: ARC, Local Schools, The Job Club, Minster Church, Hospital transport and the Senior Citizens Centre to name a few, as well as providing financial support on a case by case basis to those most in need.

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